Marriage Vlog Secret #2


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Supernatural Marriage

Secret #2 Passion


Opening: Passionate for God, each other, and life together


Question #1:

What comes to mind when you hear the word passion?

(Athletes, mothers protecting their young, missions, revival, fine art, sex….)


The author describes passion as a stallion.  He goes on to speak of a bridled horse trained to be a picture of strength and beauty in competition, and also the danger of an unbridled horse and that of a gelded horse with it’s passion removed.


Question #2:

Do you currently have either an unbridled passion or a passion that may feel confined?


No matter where you are right now know that is is God’s greatest desire for you to embrace your passions.


Embracing passion takes risk-Jason talks on risk building faith


Passions are risk worthy-God given and worth it.


The enemy is actually scared of a passionate faith filled believer.


Remember playing it safe leads to complacency and mediocrity.  This is just what the enemy would love to trap us in.  Just jump in!!!  


Here are a few risk taking pointers

  1. Risk being vulnerable-Remove the mask-Mechanical Molly-shut up and shut down
  2. Risk sharing your emotions-Don’t be afraid of emotion, God created us with them, emotions become life giving when shared wisely
  3. Risk being free with your body-Be sure God is driving your passions


To sum up risk pause and read 1 Peter 4:8

How can we know 1 Peter 4:8 is true?  Let’s look at the foundation for every passion-LOVE 1 Cor 13:4-8-Jason and Noelle






When all four types of love are present in a marriage relationship each spouse feels completely loved and accepted.  This is God’s desire for all His married children


When passionate love is shared by a couple cravings are a result, examples are.  

  1. Sex
  2. Back scratch
  3. Foot massage
  4. Vulnerable conversation
  5. Spontaneous vacations

Being willing to be your spouse’s answer is a beautiful expression of your support and love for their passions in life.


Question# 3 & 4

What are your your cravings? How can you help be the answer for your spouse?



So go after God with all your heart, He will fuel and fulfill your passions individually and together as they line up with His heart!



Find a quiet place to snuggle, talk vulnerably, and then pray together with your spouse, this invites God to bring His peace and passion to your marriage.

Marriage Vlog Secret #1

Notes: Supernatural Marriage Secret #1

  • God continually pours His love into the hearts of husband and wife by the Holy Spirit. Almost without effort they share this love with each other as they live together day by day. God’s love changes them and strengthens their marriage. Then, with joy, they return it to Him through praise.
  • Holy love flowing through us drastically alters how we think and act.
  • Without understanding his love and lordship we cannot receive or give it back out

Gods supernatural love has 2 main purposes
1)  Enables us to fully and freely love one another
“One of the ways God’s love is revealed in the earth today is through husbands and wives being submitted to His lordship and letting His love be expressed through their marriage relationship.”

2)  True obedience is possible
“Obedience is the expected result of the holy Lover taking up residence within the wholly loved.”
“The patience of God allows for our imperfection, but His justice requires change in those who are knowingly disobedient.”

  • Lordship is the pathway to intimacy
  • To know God is to love God and to love God is to love your spouse because he has shown you how to love supernaturally
  • Anything you hold back from God increases your responsibility. Remember truthfully we don’t want the responsibility



1- Find a time this week to just play:  water gun fight, pushing each other on a swing, dancing barefoot in the moonlight without music, or skipping rocks in a river are a few ideas.

2- Take some time to ask God which areas of your life individually and as a couple need to come under His Lordship and surrender those areas to Him.  Don’t take the responsibility any longer 🙂  Trust Him.

LINK TO BOOK “Seven Secrets to a Supernatural Marriage”


Devotion Part: 1



Natural Marriage vs Supernatural Marriage

Devotion to the Lord
– what is devotion
-what is the importance of devotion to God within the context of your marriage
-what are the main differences in your devotion to your spouse when you’re focused on devotion vs when you’re unfocused on your devotion to God?
-what are some creative ways you can hold each other accountable for Devotional time?
Ideas to increase Devotion:
-Spending time in the blessing of one another to set your devotion upon one another so that you do not miss understand the intentions of your Spouse.
Ask your Spouse everyday this week (guys, as often as you remember …LOL) “How was your time with the Lord today?”
BOOK LINK HERE  “7 Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage” Dan and Linda Wilson
We just want to thank everyone for taking the time to watch and hopefully participate in this marriage vlog.  It has been a dream of ours for quite sometime to share with others in this way.
Thank you Tiffany Hogg for blogging and giving me, Jason, the courage to do the same.
Blessings and all our Love,
Jason and Noelle Cosby