The Father’s House | Jack Moon

The Father says today, be GOD-INSIDE MINDED. I am not a far-off God. You have cried out for Me to come – where will I come from? I live on the inside of you. Are you not My temple? Are you not My dwelling place? You have asked for visitation and I say to you that YOU ARE THE VISITATION. You have asked for revival but I say to you that YOU ARE THE REVIVAL. You have asked for change, be the CHANGE. You have asked for outpouring but I say to you that YOU are the OUTPOURING because I AM on the inside of you and I AM that I AM. I AM that fills every deficit in your life and flows out into the earth. I fill you and flow out of you into the earth to TAKE TERRITORY and to CHANGE CULTURE. Do not fall into the error of waiting on what I have empowered you to do. WALK INTO it and BE My chosen dwelling place upon the earth.
You are a wealth manager, says the Father. The wealth of heaven is on the inside of you and I say to you THIS DAY, I have made you a steward of all that which is in you. THE GLORY is in you. Take the tally, says the Father. WITH MY SON, I have given you ALL THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO LIFE AND GLORY. If you HAVE THE SON then you have THE GLORY. Believe this. Go out, not seeking the provision, but BEING THE PROVISION. Go out asking nothing and questioning nothing. Just know. Those that KNOW will DO. Build your life around who you are and what you know and not who you are not or what you do not know. It is time to GET this and see the 100 fold dividend of heaven be poured out in your life.