Event Category: Encounter Groups

Wednesday Night Encounter Group (B)

This group is meeting at the Father’s House Campus in the middle section of the building. Childcare and Nursery is available starting at 6:30. The group starts at 7:00 and is lead by Jason and Noelle Cosby, Jason and Alisa Fuchs and Julie Shumaker.

Wednesday Night Encounter Groups (A)

This group meets in the south Rockdale area off Highway 138. Hosted at the Home of Jack and Misty Moon and lead by Jack and Misty with David and Kirstie Edwards. You may drop off Children ages 1-12 years old at the Father’s House main Campus Location at 6:30pm and join the group by 7:00pm.

Tuesday Night Encounter Group

This group will meet at the Father’s House middle section and is lead by Jason and Noelle Cosby with Brandon and Lutie Summers. There is some in home childcare for little ones if they are small and manageable.

Monday Night Encounter Group

Meeting at the home of Beau and Lindsay Bird.  This group is lead by Alec and Sarah Smith with Jeremiah and Kristina Umphrey.  There is no childcare.