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The Father’s House | Jack Moon

The Father says today, be GOD-INSIDE MINDED. I am not a far-off God. You have cried out for Me to come – where will I come from? I live on the inside of you. Are you not My temple? Are you not My dwelling place? You have asked for visitation and I say to you that YOU ARE THE VISITATION.

Breakthrough in Abundance

You are living in a season of breakthrough! This is a time for Heaven’s abundance to flow through us!

Bob Bird, Your Testimony

Your testimony is power to overcome. It means that you now have been given a greator authority. Please enjoy this testimony and word by Bob Bird.

Divine Overtaking

The Covering of the Lord By Dr. Melinda Brondell- blog FHC – July 2016 Psalms 91:5 is often used by intercessors to pray for those in distress or for those headed into ministry assignments that may be fraught with dangers. Those situations are well suited for these key scriptures and I believe they are part […]

Speak a Blessing

Link to original Article by Jack Hayford Speak These Blessings Often! Have regular times when you lay your hands on your child’s head. Speak (or whisper) the words with the quiet confidence that 1) you are privileged by the living God to declare this blessing, and 2) God Himself will attend to the word spoken […]

“It’s a Time of Revelation for Advancement!”

by Katie Barker, Tweed Coast, New South Wales Link to Article I felt such an excitement as I sought the Lord for revelation about what is happening in the spirit during this time. The Lord said, “Much will be revealed and given to those that position themselves to hear and receive.” I felt the weighty […]

Your Love is like a Waterfall

  Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall Running wild and free You hear my heart when I call, when I call Deep calls, too deep Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall Raining down on me!