Announcements 03/11/20

Wednesday nights at 6:30PM. Equip yourself with knowledge on how to win the battle. See Melinda Brondell with any further questions.

We had to cancel this event due a scheduling conflict at the gun range. We are canceling this event and rescheduling for another time and date. See Jason Fuchs for more info

Meet here at The Father’s House in the conference the 17th at 10:30AM.

Part 2 of the parent training next Wednesday night 6:30PM. Topics covered: How to handle outburst and other emotional issues, anger, defiance, and sibling rivalry? How do I stop fear of failure with my children? How do I handle it when children do not want to go to church? Strong will children and overly passive children how do we handle that? How do i get my grandparents to support my style of discipline?

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